Hiram Lodge No.14 A.F. & A.M.
Animated Video for Users
This panel will provide a complete animated video for navigating the Website. You can select the "video clips" page from the menu to see a 'rough' example.

Note: There may be a delay during December until we receive feedback from members to determine what works best for everyone.

Patience is the key.
Thank you.
Website Navigation
This website uses 'responsive design' to automatically accomodate all devices.

1. The responsive menu (aka 'hamburger' icon) in the 'upper left' corner and common to Apple devices - provides quick and simple access on smaller displays.

2. Sub-menus are located in the menus of the main pages and links from the colored buttons e.g. "Read More", "Details" etc.

Website Navigation Video
This panel is for listing and selecting instructional video clips.

The center panel will show a single frame on "mouse-over" with your cursor until you click to select your choice.

Full screen viewing can be selected from the bottom right-hand corner of the displayed video clip.