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Freemasonry in Canada
This section provides some general information and suggestions
to find more detailed information about Freemasonry.
In Eastern Canada, Ancient Work originated from Great Britain. The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in Ontario, provides excellent detail. Whereas, Hiram No.14 's Ancient (American) Work originated in the USA around 1717.
National Origins
The following is a summary of Masonry in Canada.
Much of the information resides with The Grand
Lodge of Canada in Ontario, and with our separate
Provincial Grand Lodges.
1634 Lord Alexander, a member of Edinburgh Lodge No.1
at Mary's Chapel, is the first recorded freemason in
Canada, then known as New France. He founded a
colony of Scots on the banks of the St.Lawrence River.

1738 The first Masonic lodge in the colony of Canada is
constituted in Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

1755 The Lodge of the 8th or Kings Own Regiment of Foot
is issued a field warrant. This Lodge brings Masonry to
Niagara in the late 1700s.

1795 The first meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of
Upper Canada is called. Also in this year the civilian
lodge in Niagara, originally called St. John’s of
Friendship, is re-warranted as Lodge No.2.

1802 The Schismatic Grand Lodge at Niagara is formed.

1823 The Book of Constitutions is printed in Kingston.

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The Grand Lodge of British Columbia formed in1871

Provincial Gand Lodge Websites:
British Columbia & Yukon https://freemasonry.bcy.ca/
Alberta & NWT https://freemasons.ab.ca
Saskatchewan https://saskmasons.ca/
Manitoba https://www.glmb.ca
Ontario/Canada https://grandlodge.on.ca
Quebec https://glquebec.org/?lang=en
New Brunswick https://www.grandlodgeofnb.ca/
Nova Scotia https://grandlodgens.org/
Prince Edward Island https://peifreemasonry.com/
Newfoundland & Labrador https://www.glnl.ca/

National Origins .. continued
1859 The Grand Lodges of Upper Canada and Lower
Canada amalgamate.

1866 The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia is formed.

1867 The Dominion of Canada is established on July 1st.
Freemason Sir John A. MacDonald becomes
Canada's first Prime Minister. The Grand Lodge of
New Brunswick is formed.

1869 The Grand Lodge of Québec is created.

1871 The Grand Lodge of British Columbia is formed.

1875 The Grand Lodges of Manitoba and Prince Edward
Island are founded.

1887 The previously named Grand Lodge of Canada,
located in Ontario, officially changes its name to
The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons of Canada, in the Province of Ontario.

1855 The Grand Lodge of Canada is formed in order to
separate colonial Masons from the Mother Grand
Lodge in England.
Source: The Grand Lodge of B.C. and Yukon