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Vaccination Proof
You can use our secure link to the BC Gov. site to download the BC data
'QR' record and/or the Federal Gov. details (.pdf file) to your computer.
You will need your BC Health Card number and exact date of any vaccine already received.
COVID-19 Information
The past 22 months have seen a shift from initial physical contact, often through hand contact - a concern for Masons using hand-shaking when greeting - to an emphasis on physical distancing and current attention on type and quality of face masks to avoid inhaling and spreading air-born particles (aerosol contamination) - especially when indoors and in constrained public areas.
Updated - October 23, 2022
In recent months, with an increased focus on vaccination advertising, we are seeing less attention to "physical precautions" for the sake of social interaction. Medical and government representatives point out that vaccination (with boosters for 'high risk' individuals) greatly reduces the need for hospitalization and possible risk-of-death. Nevertheless, these vaccines do 'not' prevent COVID-19's family of Omicron subvariant viruses and the latest variants of BA.5 and numerous subvariants - from infecting people.

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Wash hands thoroughly with tolerable-hot water and soap for 15-20 seconds before drying..with clean paper towel !

Or use appropriate disinfectant - rub hands and fingers thoroughly for at least 15 seconds. Most products 'air-dry' quickly.
When & Where ?
* Stores - when entering and exiting
- especially Grocery and Eateries.

* Vehicles - before entering
- (particularly with shared drivers)

* Public transit - hand-coverings best
- due to safety-bars, poles, hand grips!

Is 6.5 ft (2 meters) enough distance?
Is 15 min. enough time together?
Are three people too many?
< ---------- 2 meters / 6.5 feet ---------- >
Note: If you can touch each other's outstretch fingers -- you are too close!
So what is
Physical vs.Social Distancing?
(Guess what? - They are not really the same)
Physical distancing is a metric (based on a unit of measure).
Applications include a 'locked' right or left side of double-doors at the entrance and exit to stores; the moveable 'corral' posts to direct a line-up -- also 'snaked' around a limited space. These all maintain "physical control" of movement and separation - however flexible - they restrict/control our movement.

Social distancing is a concept that involves respect for others in situations - including precautions and social order. It is a variable based on culture, gender and age 'behaviours' in our multi-cultural society.
e.g. The foot print image (icon) on the store floor/sidewalk etc. provides a measure or direction to maintain distance between people as does the white/yellow line on the highway/street, versus an actual physical barrier, which may require explanation. These signs still require cultural and lingustic familiarity to accept compliance. /vmo'21
Face Masks
NOT ALL MASKS ARE EQUAL. Neither do they provide adequate protection for the individual or others if not fitting properly.

Single-layer masks CAN NOT fully protect. Two and even three-layer masks (typically blue - but sold as "non-medical use") can still be improved by adding a single layer designer mask. Three-layer "surgical use" masks must have a sturdy metel strip* that maintains contour-fitting above the nose. For best protection look for "Surgical Use" masks! N95s and KN95s (China/Asia) are often better but do require some homework as quality, layer count and source can prove to be fraudulent.

"Fit" is the second most important criteria, covering both the nose and mouth comfortably and snugly, as frequent handling due to poor fitting can make the mask less efficient - even useless.

Ensuring quality-mask "fit",
respect for interpersonal 'distancing'
plus routinized 'hand washing' -
All combined for better virus-safeguards
on the spread of the COVID-19 disease.
* * *
* If the metal strip is digging into your throat - the mask is upside down - try again! :)
In the begining of the epedemic, much emphasis was placed on hand contact as it related to greetings, physical objects and merchandise handled by people.

Many of the restrictictions and routines for sanitizing have since been automated or avoided - even left to the individual to take precautions when it comes to shopping - often relying on pre- or post-contact sanitising of our hands. Needless-to-say, many people are negligent in either pre-or post contact hand cleaning.
Guidelines for physical distancing have undergone radical changes, based on environments, ages and activities.

Definitions have varied - culturally - as has the measurement with imperial and metric conversion figures (e.g. 6 feet vs. 6.5 feet). Consequently, the public has come to interpret postings and guidelines too casually.
With the most recent outbreak of the Omicron variant, emphasis has been placed on the type of masks used and particularly the 'fit" and filtration aspect related to aerosol transmission.
There are seven SARS-CoV-2 variants including the two recent Omicron variants.
Friday, July 09, 2021
Here are two video clips from a CBC recording of Dr. Samir Gupta - Respirologist at University of Toronto

Friday, July 09, 2021
Friday, July 09, 2021
DR. Samir Gupta
Respirologist - U of T

The Informtion on this Web page related to precautions for the COVID-19 related viruses, variants and sub-variants has been presented in 'good faith'. It is the responsibility of the reader, however, to validate content with Public Health Authorities and/or your Physician.