Chair-Lift Instructions
The following is a set of procedures to help navigate the Chair Lift in Hiram Lodge No.14.  There should be someone availble to help but it never hurts to be familiar with the procedures.
The Temple Association came to a decisionin 2016 that it was time to purchase and install a Chair lift to assit several members in navigating the steep staircase from the 5th.Street entrance.

Equally important was for members of other Lodges and concordant groups, who would otherwise not be encouraged to visit or use the facilities.  We thank those in particular who championed this initiative.
                              Operation of the Chair Lift
There are three keys with the system:
These keys should remain in their respective places at all times.
a. One key is inserted in a keyway on the arm of the chair
b. A second key is inserted in a small box (or station) at the bottom of the stairs.
c. The third key is inserted in a small box (or station) at the top of the stairs.
To ascend the stairs when the Chair is at the bottom:
1. First, lower footrest on chair.
2. Before you sit in the chair, turn on the key located on the chair arm (
this is easier to do while standing), ,
3. When you're sitting down in the chair notice the small bar that goes behind you on the back side of the seat. There are two black handles attached to that bar on the left and right side of the chair. Pushing down on either handle will release the locking mechanism and allow the chair to swivel 90 degrees to allow better access and exit when sitting down or standing up.
To activate Chair:
1. Both feet must be on the footrest.
2. Both armrests must be in the down position.
3. There is a lever (or joystick) on the right armrest. Push the lever forward and hold to activate
    until the chair stops. The chair will stop automatically when it reaches the top (or bottom) of     the stairs.

Arriving at the top of the stairs:
1. release swivel 'lock' by pressing down on either black handle and swivel for exiting
2. lift armrests and stand-up,
3. turn off key, lower armrests, lift footrest up to side of chair.

Calling the chair:  (from the opposite end of the staircase)
1. Turn key on, in the small box (or station) on the wall at the top or bottom of the stairs,
2. Push button and hold to bring the chair to you (from the top or bottom) The chair will stop automatically.

Before 'Calling the chair'

1. The footrest must be in the up position,      (footrest - UP)
2. the armrests must be in the down position, (armrests - DOWN)
3. key on chair should be off,                           (chair key - OFF)
            The chair should always be left in this position
The "unoccupied" chair will not move (i.e. the chair cannot be relocated to the top or bottom of the stairs) when:
1.  armrests are in the up position
2.  the footrest is in the down position
A  'beeping sound' (warning) indicates the chair has not completed its 'run' and the chair battery will not recharge. (TO FIX - simply turn the key 'on' at either wall box and push the button)

                                      If you have any other questions
                        ask someone in your lodge or concordant body.

    Thank You - Temple Association


There are THREE keys for the Chairlift System;  (all keys are identical)

Key #1 is inserted in the "keyway" on the RIGHT arm of the chair (if sitting)

Key #2 is in the lockbox/station at the bottom of the stairs.

Key #3 is in the station box at the top of the stairs.
The Masonic Hall Chair-Lift
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