Freemasonry is a fraternity of members who meet in a designated hall, not a church, synagogue, temple or mosque -- because Freemasonry is not a religion. 

The Master of the Lodge is elected and serves the same as a President of a group or club, usually for one year, unlike a Priest, Minister, Pastor, Rabbi or Imam.  Indeed, Freemasonry encourages each member to seek in Masonry what enhances his own beliefs and following - while respecting those of others.

Hiram Lodge No.14 was founded in 1891, only twenty years after Masonry was establehed in B.C., and is one of Vancouver Island's oldest lodges.  In 2016 we celebrated our 125th. anniversary. 

While Freemasonry has had numerous community leaders and professionals from many fields as members, such standing carries no weight in Lodge when all men meet "on the level" as brothers.
Freemasonry in Canada
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