Six steps to initiation
A Guide to the Candidate Selection Process
October 2012
This document is designed to be used for the pre-screening of all candidates
prior to the Petition for Initiation being presented to them. It is a tool to help
evaluate potential members and determine their suitability for membership in
your lodge. We know from experience that Freemasonry is not for everyone
and we need to determine, as best we can, who it is for and who it is not for.
You are encouraged to use this guide in its entirety, fulfilling each step and
then completing the final checklist summary report. This will then be presented
to the lodge, evaluated by the principal officers, and if acceptable, a Petition
for Initiation will be issued. The Guide and the Petition will be given to the
investigating committee to assist them in the interview process..

The Candidate Selection Process consists of six steps:
1. The initial response to the candidate, by telephone or email (Set
the meeting)
2. The first meeting with the candidate (Homework)
3. The second meeting with the candidate (More homework)
4. The third meeting with the candidate (Introductions to other
5. The fourth meeting with the candidate (Social function)
6. The petition and sponsor signatures

These steps are a guide, and are outlined in more detail on the next few
pages; with a general recommendation on how to approach each step. Steps
two and three have a two-page hand-out that you will present to the candidate
for completion and return at the next meeting. They will be included in the final
check list and should form part of the summary report.
A Six Step Program