A Rusty Mason Program - WA, USA
Do compare Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon and this version from Grand Lodge of Washington http://www.freemason-wa.org/

There are many members of our Masonic Craft who, for whatever reasons, do not attend Lodge, or have not attended for a long time. The longer they stay away, the more difficult it becomes for them to return because of their concern that they cannot remember enough of our methods of recognition to pass an examination. The RUSTY BROTHER MASON DEGREE is intended to assist these Brothers, and the Lodges they wish to attend, to refresh memories and permit everyone to enjoy each others company through Masonry.

The RUSTY BROTHER MASON DEGREE provides a format for a Lodge to welcome Rusty Brother Masons into its ranks and make them feel comfortable and wanted. This format, adapted from programs used in other Grand Jurisdictions, has been developed around our own ritual, and should, therefore, be easily presented.

Reacquaint the long absent Brother Mason, who has forgotten the specifics, with the basic requirements of gaining admittance into a Tiled Lodge of Master Masons. These basic requirements shall consist of, but not be limited to, the signs, words, grips, steps, and due guards of all three degrees; the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress; and the Substitute Word.

Promote Masonic fellowship by offering instruction to a Rusty Brother Mason in a relaxed, amiable setting, free from any stress and surrounded by Brethren who eagerly support his desire to attend and perhaps participate in Lodge activities.

         for detailed information see the original at: http://www.hiram.net/webs/MASONIC/ewmasons/RustyBrotherDegree.pdf